"Our job is to help you grow your business, gain proper leads and build an online presence.

We are specialised in... Digital Marketing Professional Photography Graphic Design Web Design Marketing Consultancy

Invest in the future of your business

We start all of our projects by positioning you for the right audience, learning how to communicate your unique value, and finding market opportunities, to set a solid foundation for growth for years to come..

Our Skills


Graphic Design

Web design


My Works


Imani Creation is focused on helping our clients participate skillfully in the conversations that matter most. Together, we will work to analyze data and distribute messaging designed to influence your audiences.

Commercial Photography

We work with various brands to push their products visibly through professional photography.

Digital Marketing

This is a very important role in taking the entire brand and marketing it to the right audience and creating a relevant buz.

Event Photography

We shoot at various events to capture every detail from individual to corporate events.


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The pricing below can be customised and personalised to suite your brand,

Starter Pack

15K month
  • 4 posters a month
  • 3 Days a week content creation for social media
  • (Instagram & Facebook)
  • 1 poster a week

Basic Pack

18K month
  • 16 posters a month (facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • 3 Days a week content copy writting
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Marketing Consultancy

Premium Pack

30K month
  • 16 Posters a mont (facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • 4 days a week content copywritting
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Product Photography
  • custom animation twice a week

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